• The Occult
    Christian E. Christiansen, Director
    Pete Shilaimon, Producer
    Paddy Cullen, Executive Producer
  • Hunger Games
    Additional Makeup
  • Leather Heads
    Additional Makeup
    George Clooney Director.
    Period 1930’s
  • Kings of Comedy
    Key Makeup
    MTV Films/Latham Entertainment
    Spike Lee
  • The Crow
    2nd Unit Key Makeup
    Crow Vision Productions
    Robert Rosen, Ed Pressman Producers
    Alex Proyas Director
  • Mississippi Damned
    Makeup Assist
    Period 1950’s
  • Bolden
    Additional Makeup
    Period 1900’s
  • The Wiz
    Additional makeup
    A Marc Piece Experience. Todd Louiso Director
  • Who’s Your Caddy
    Additional Makeup
  • Patriotville
    Makeup Assistant
    Two Roads Entertainment, Talmage Cooley Director
  • Big Fish
    Additional Makeup
    Sony Pictures. Tim Burton Director
    Periods 1940’s- 2007
  • Iron Jawed Angels
    Additional Makeup
    HBO Films. Paula Weinstein Producer
    Katja Von Garnier Director
    Period 1800’s
  • Cold Mountain
    Additional Makeup
    Inman Films.
    Sydney Pollack Producer
    Anthony Minghella Director
    Period Civil War
  • Black Knight
    2nd Unit Makeup
    20th Century Fox. Gil Junger Director
    Period 1400’s
  • Runaway
    Additional Makeup
    MCGEE STREET Productions
    David Hartley UPM
    Period 1949
  • The Feud
    Asst. Makeup/Hair
    Bill Delia Producer/Director
    Period 1957
  • To Ride with the Devil
    Additional Makeup
    Ang Lee Director. Chris Bromley UPM. Jeff Goodwin Key Makeup. Period Civil War
  • Eddie
    Additional Hair
    Disney. Steven Rash Director
    Julia Walker Key Hair
  • Other Voices, Other Rooms
    Key Makeup
    Golden Eye Films. Robert Stigwood Producer
    David Rocksavage Director
    Period 1926-1935
  • Super Mario Brothers
    2nd Unit Key Makeup
    Jake Ebert, Roland Joffre Producers
    Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel & Dean Semier Directors
  • Hellraiser III
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Larry Mortoff / Oliver McQueen Producers
    Tony Hickox Director
  • Children of the Corn
    Key Makeup
    Scott Stone, David Stanley, & Bill Froelich Producer
    David Price, Director
  • House of Cards
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Dale Pollack, Liane Horton Producer
    Wolfgang Glattes Director
  • Love Field
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Midge Sanford & Sarah Pillsbury Producer
    Jonathan Kaplan Director
    Period 1963
  • Sleeping with the Enemy
    Asst. Makeup/ Hair
    Fox Studios. Jeffrey/Leonard Chernov Producer
    Joel Ruben Director
  • Betsy’s Wedding
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Disney West.
    Martin Berman & Louis Stroller Director
  • Crazy People
    Asst. Makeup
    Tom Brady & Robert Weiss Producer
    Tony Bill Director
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
    Asst. Makeup
    Wolfgang Glattes Producer. Voker Schlonroff -Director Period Fantasy 2000
  • Ya-Ya Sisterhood
    Additional Makeup
    Period 1940s


  • “Celebration Table”
    Personal Makeup Maya Angelou
  • Black In America CNN
    Segment: Dr. Maya Angelou
  • John Edwards for President Campaign
    Cynthia McFadden, Senator Edwards (Family)
  • Hard Ball
  • One Tree Hill
    Additional Makeup
  • Legends
  • The Dave Chappell Show
    HBO/The Dave Chappell Show/360 Productions
  • Bennet College with Dr. Johnnetta Cole
    Key Makeup/Hair
    Dejaview Media Tim Snyder
  • Gimme the Mike TV Show Fox 50TV
    Key Makeup
    Kevin Kolbe Producer. David Creech Director
  • The Rosa Parks Story
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Rosa Productions. Julie Dash Director. LaLette Littlejohn Key. Period 1960’s
  • Amy & Isabelle
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Harpo Productions
    David Kramer Director
    Wynona Price Key
    Period 1971
  • Having Our Say
    Key Makeup
    Camille Cosby & Judy James Producers. Lynn Littman Director CBS TV
    Special Effects Age makeup for Ruby Dee, Period 1925- 1995
  • Shake Rattle & Roll
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Spencer Proffer Producer
    Mike Robe Director.
    Period 1956- 1963
  • The Secret
    Key Makeup
    Robert Greenwald Productions. Phil Klienbart, Michael Stroud Producers. Noel Nossek. NBC
  • The Protected Wife
    Key Makeup
    Robert Greenwald Productions. Micheal Stroud Producer Micheal Watkins Director. NBC
  • The Capital Gang
    Ted Novack. CBS
  • WC Wrestling
    Nitro Nite
  • American Journal
    Segment The Stalking. Hard Copy News Edition
  • Unsolved Mysteries
    Key Makeup/ Hair/Effects
    Segment: Shelley Loved Horses
    NBC TV
  • Mother’s Instinct
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Erica Productions
    Joel Rice Producer
    Sam Pillsbury Director
  • Inflammable
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Savoy Pictures Susan Baerwold Producer
    Peter Werner Director
    Bill Scott/UPM
  • Back To School with MC Lite
    Key Makeup/ Hair
    BET Television
  • Rescue 911
    Segments: Yoo-hoo Tongue Stick, The Hostage, Lake Jordan Christmas Baby, Katherine’s Place, Stuck Accelerator, Santa’s Delivery, Freon Incident
  • Taking Liberty
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Liberty Productions. Producers Mark Stern. Director Stuart Gillard. Period 1776
  • She Said She Didn’t
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    RTB Productions. Robert Greenwald, Carla Singer Producers Charles Correll Director
  • Fox Sports
  • Unspeakable Acts
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Trucon Productions. Alan Landsbury Producer
    Linda Otto Director
  • Stomping at the Savoy
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Gallant Productions.
    Micheal Gallant Producer. Debbie Allen Director
    Period 1957
  • Matlock
    3rd Asst. Makeup
    ABC TV
  • Street Stories
    Segment: The Priest. NBC TV
  • Sweet Justice
    Asst. Makeup
    Mel Damski Director. NBC TV
    Segment: Pledges & Muddy Water
  • American Gothic
    Additional Makeup
    Sam Raimi, Robert Taper Producer
    Peter O’Fallon Director
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
    Harpo Productions
    Oprah’s Book Club Guest



  • OBAMA Campaign for Presidency, Joe Biden
  • Tropic survival/ Thomasville Furniture
  • Accera Group Ortho-McNeill Pharmaceutical
  • Congressman Pittenger Campaign
  • CBS Evening News with Senator Obama interview
  • Thomasville Furniture
  • CBS Inside Edition Dr. Maya Angelou Birthday Segment
  • Wake Forest Baptist Hospital
  • CNBC American Business Men Campaign with Robert Johnson
  • Moses Cone Cardiac E-mmercials
  • CNN American Morning Show
  • Moses Cone Cancer Unit
  • TV Land
  • Forsythe Hospital Doctors
  • Sealy Home-Bedding
  • Time Warner Communications
  • Moses Cone Cancer Center
  • Kings Down Sleep Systems
  • E Toys
  • Alltel/ Dr. Maya Angelou
  • Ed BroyHill Campaign
  • Jay Hilvey Campaign
  • Neese’s Country Sausage
  • Kevin Harvick for Richard Childress Racing
  • RBC Centura Bank Day Spring Media
  • Sir Micheal Brady for IBM/IRV Company
  • Gatorade
  • Fast Cash (All Pro Media)
  • Kitchencraft, Norling Studios
  • Berkline Home Furnishings
  • U.S. Postal Service (Frankenstein Stamp, aged 50 yrs)
  • Kerry Earnhardt/ Richard Childress Racing
  • Pendulum Putter Golf Clubs
  • Hilbish Ford
  • Fannie Mae 2
  • Motley Realty
  • GoodWrench Dale Earnhardt
  • Dickerson Ford
  • Hardee’s Restaurant
  • Southern Living Homes/Lowes Stores
  • McDonald’s Restaurant The 59 cent Burger
  • Dyna Moe Productions
  • Duke Power
  • Southeastern Eye Center
  • Lazy Boy Recliners
  • Dudley Cosmetics / Publishing
  • GoodYear Tires
  • South Carolina Lincoln
  • Mercury Four Season Town Center
  • Virginia H.O.V. Lane (Makeup / Hair Aging 40 yrs)
  • Bardys Jewelry Stores
  • Bob Crumley Attorney
  • Byrd’s Foods Stores
  • Reliable Furniture
  • Pfizer Pharmaceutical
  • Sue Hiatt Show
  • Hardee’s Restaurants
  • Baptist Hospital
  • Belk Department Stores
  • Biscuitville
  • Marconi
  • Die Hard Battery
  • Crumley and Ass.
  • Wachovia Bank
  • Bassett Furniture
  • RJR Lifesavers
  • STP Motor Oil
  • Blue Ridge Electric
  • Duke University Kidney Ctr.
  • Koolaid (Wacky Warehouse
  • Ken Ventura Golf Club
  • Simel Eye Care
  • Kings Down Mattress
  • South Carolina National Bank
  • Lowe’s Leisure Living Homes
  • A Cleaner World
  • National Democratic Convention
  • Star Furniture Texas
  • Carolyn Grant Election Committee
  • Kmart GGO 1992 Golf Tournament
  • People Lounger Furniture
  • Herita Jones p2 Commercial/ Video
  • Cross Creek Activewear
  • Lewis and Daggett Law Firm 2003
  • Legg’s Hosiery Queen Size
  • Hotsprings Spa
  • Duponte
  • Thomasville Furniture
  • Lowe's leisure Homes
  • RJR Sales Training Tape (J D)
  • Congressman David Price
  • Kichlener Lights
  • Dudley Products Video
  • AT&T Telecommunications Conference Calls
  • Gilbarco New Pump System
  • Tahitian Noni Juice Infomercial



  • President Elect Barack Obama
  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • Chris Matthews
  • Senator Richard Burr
  • Jan Janzen
  • Mike Krzyzewski “Coach K”
  • Senator John Edwards & Family
  • Bob Costas
  • Sir Micheal Brady
  • Robert Bertrand
  • Jimmi Simpson
  • Justin Long
  • Keir O’Donnell
  • Dale Earnhardt JR
  • Kevin Harvick
  • Micheal Jordan
  • Lothaire Bluteau
  • Bernie Mac
  • Kris Kristofferson
  • John O’Hurley
  • Mykelti Williamson
  • Tommie Lee Jones
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Marco Rodriguez
  • Kerry Earnhardt
  • Kevin Bernhardt
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Allen Rachlin
  • Robert Novak
  • Ernie Hudson
  • Robert Picard
  • David Paymer
  • Richard Petty
  • Jameson Parker
  • Kyle Petty
  • Ken Shriner
  • Adam Petty
  • Rene Auberjonois
  • J.T. Walsh
  • Ken Carpenter
  • Paul Bates
  • Bret Hedican
  • Sam Behrens
  • John Allen Nelson
  • Terrence Knox
  • Bill Smitrovich
  • Ralph Wilcox
  • Alan Alda
  • David Wilson
  • Patrick Bergen
  • Jason Carter
  • Billy Williams
  • Morgan Richards
  • Gary Collins
  • John Cusack
  • Richard Childress
  • Richard Roundtree
  • Dale Earnhardt


  • Cynthia McFadden
  • Dr. Johnnetta Cole
  • Kristi Yamaguchi
  • Dr. Maya Angelou
  • N.C. Congress Woman Vivian Fox
  • Julia Roberts
  • Della Reese
  • Ruby Dee
  • Anna Thompson
  • Sophia Shinas
  • Mila Jovovich
  • Terry Ferrell
  • Jenny Caio
  • Lonette McKee
  • Kim Richards
  • Tesh Harper
  • Kelly Ripa
  • Barbara Lynn Taylor
  • Shirley Anne Fields
  • Bebe Neuwirth
  • Dana Wells
  • Lisa Arrindell
  • Samaria Graham
  • Soleil Moon Frye
  • Marion Jones
  • Mildred Council “Mama Dip”


Wynona Price, David Braswell, Thomas Dommer, Jean Black, LaLette LittleJohn, Sharon Cordice, Julia Walker, Kate Shorter, Jake Garber, Scott Stone, David Rocksavage, John Blake, Tony Elwood, Jeff Goodwin, Kelly Gore Jefferson, Camille Cosby, Larry Mortoff, Peggy Porter, Brad Look, Tad Devlin, Leslie Christin, Carol Cobalt, Peter Wentworth, David Price, Rob Ryan, Preston Fisher, Ruddy Soto Meyer, Jim Goodman, Greg Simpson, Ric Rondell, Jean Paul Dame, Alan Kirby, Saundra Orsalyak, Be Be Davidson.

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