• The Occult
    Christian E. Christiansen, Director
    Pete Shilaimon, Producer
    Paddy Cullen, Executive Producer
  • Hunger Games
    Additional Makeup
  • Leather Heads
    Additional Makeup
    George Clooney Director.
    Period 1930’s
  • Kings of Comedy
    Key Makeup
    MTV Films/Latham Entertainment
    Spike Lee
  • The Crow
    2nd Unit Key Makeup
    Crow Vision Productions
    Robert Rosen, Ed Pressman Producers
    Alex Proyas Director
  • Mississippi Damned
    Makeup Assist
    Period 1950’s
  • Bolden
    Additional Makeup
    Period 1900’s
  • The Wiz
    Additional makeup
    A Marc Piece Experience. Todd Louiso Director
  • Who’s Your Caddy
    Additional Makeup
  • Patriotville
    Makeup Assistant
    Two Roads Entertainment, Talmage Cooley Director
  • Big Fish
    Additional Makeup
    Sony Pictures. Tim Burton Director
    Periods 1940’s- 2007
  • Iron Jawed Angels
    Additional Makeup
    HBO Films. Paula Weinstein Producer
    Katja Von Garnier Director
    Period 1800’s
  • Cold Mountain
    Additional Makeup
    Inman Films.
    Sydney Pollack Producer
    Anthony Minghella Director
    Period Civil War
  • Black Knight
    2nd Unit Makeup
    20th Century Fox. Gil Junger Director
    Period 1400’s
  • Runaway
    Additional Makeup
    MCGEE STREET Productions
    David Hartley UPM
    Period 1949
  • The Feud
    Asst. Makeup/Hair
    Bill Delia Producer/Director
    Period 1957
  • To Ride with the Devil
    Additional Makeup
    Ang Lee Director. Chris Bromley UPM. Jeff Goodwin Key Makeup. Period Civil War
  • Eddie
    Additional Hair
    Disney. Steven Rash Director
    Julia Walker Key Hair
  • Other Voices, Other Rooms
    Key Makeup
    Golden Eye Films. Robert Stigwood Producer
    David Rocksavage Director
    Period 1926-1935
  • Super Mario Brothers
    2nd Unit Key Makeup
    Jake Ebert, Roland Joffre Producers
    Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel & Dean Semier Directors
  • Hellraiser III
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Larry Mortoff / Oliver McQueen Producers
    Tony Hickox Director
  • Children of the Corn
    Key Makeup
    Scott Stone, David Stanley, & Bill Froelich Producer
    David Price, Director
  • House of Cards
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Dale Pollack, Liane Horton Producer
    Wolfgang Glattes Director
  • Love Field
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Midge Sanford & Sarah Pillsbury Producer
    Jonathan Kaplan Director
    Period 1963
  • Sleeping with the Enemy
    Asst. Makeup/ Hair
    Fox Studios. Jeffrey/Leonard Chernov Producer
    Joel Ruben Director
  • Betsy’s Wedding
    2nd Asst. Makeup
    Disney West.
    Martin Berman & Louis Stroller Director
  • Crazy People
    Asst. Makeup
    Tom Brady & Robert Weiss Producer
    Tony Bill Director
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
    Asst. Makeup
    Wolfgang Glattes Producer. Voker Schlonroff -Director Period Fantasy 2000
  • Ya-Ya Sisterhood
    Additional Makeup
    Period 1940s